Granite / Marble Pebbles

Marble and granite Pebbles are two popular natural stones which have been in the garden decoration for a long time. They both have...

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Marble and granite Pebbles are two popular natural stones which have been in the garden decoration for a long time. They both have their advantages over each other in terms of appearance, durability etc.

are generally used for landscaping projects, gardens, as paving stones in path way, potted plant decoration, and many more. These pebbles have a very pleasing and natural aesthetic impact bringing one close to nature, an eco-friendly material, and very strong and impervious material. Finely polished, these stones are widely appreciated for their natural charm and hardness.

These pebbles come in varying shapes and sizes with Black and White in color can therefore complement any type of landscape design.These pebbles are pleasant to look at and add a wide range of natural colors to the garden, thus, making your garden look more natural. Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover.

These pebbles add texture and contrast, serve as a durable ground cover and require minimum or no maintenance and care.