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Plantscaping (1/4) - How top co-working spaces are modernizing the workplace

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How top co-working spaces are modernizing the workplace How top co-working spaces are modernizing the workplace

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.” — Steve Jobs


What is plantscaping?


Interior design is so much more than picking the right wall colours, tiles and furniture. It is evolving to become a means to express the identity of the company, to highlight and enhance aspects of its design and to energize and refresh its employees. And one crucial component of this interior design evolution – the humble, indoor plant. ‘Plantscaping’ or interior landscape design strategically places plants across the office to build a closer bond between humans and nature. 


Image: Amazon's 'The Spheres' in Seattle, Washington


How have companies adopted this concept?


Corporates have warmly embraced plantscaping due to its ability to improve creativity, brain function and provide a welcome relief to the traditional glass-and-concrete structures of offices. In 2018, Amazon inaugurated ‘The Spheres’ in its Seattle HQ – a unique, domed structure with over 40,000 individual plants housed within its premises. Amazon intends for this space to serve as a ‘treehouse’ meeting room for its employees to foster innovative thinking.


Image: Microsoft's sustainable vegetable garden in Redmond, Washington


Similarly, Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington maintains a sustainable, vegetable garden to complement its urban farming experiment. Apple's Ireland manufacturing unit has broken ground by incorporating plants into its design, not to mention its futuristic Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. Co-working spaces across the world are adopting green plants into their modern designs – The Wing in New York and Sella Concepts in east London are prominent examples of ‘green’ co-working spaces.


Image: Apple's own manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland


Has it started picking up traction in India?


This trend is now visible in India as well. nurserylive has partnered with the world’s largest co-working space provider in its expansion plans across multiple cities in India. We work with their interior designers to suggest and provide high-quality, lush green plants that are easy to maintain and grow well indoors.


Image: Plants at a large co-working space in India


What sort of plants are selected for indoor placement?


These plants vary across color, texture, foliage and size - Large (Bird of Paradise, Areca Palm), Medium (Dieffenbachia, Song of India) and Small (Anthurium, Aglaonema). In the next parts of this series, we will share more details on each of these plants and how it can be implemented in your office.


What plants would YOU like to see in your office?


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